Tuesday, 1 April 2014

How to Get the ‘Perfect’ Fitting – Measurement for Ladies and Men

Online shopping is safer, greater and growing dynamic every day – but if you’re looking to shop for perfumes and fashion styles, then online shopping lacks that inherent aesthetics to grip you in with the emotional touch to make you fall in love and push the cart button.

Dilemma #1 – What if your chosen apparel or fashion style best leather jackets will fit you or not? What if the size is too big and baggy that your local tramp will enjoy it or it is too small that your puppy will have a good one?

Either way, the fault lies with sizing and measurements.

Why you need ‘perfect’ measurements - UK Leather Factory experts know where the customers feel the pinch in taking the measurements. Tailoring and sizing go together and neither would be your career goals for the future. So let UK Leather Factory make it sound simple here – next time you’re shopping, you’ll have the ease and peace of mind.

How to Get Started for Getting Perfect Measurements – Grab a measuring tape and a friend to take your measurements. Self-help is not recommended as your body might not be at ease while you’re busy trying to get measurements.

Measurements should be taken while you’re easy and in perfectly fitting clothing.

Accurate measurements are possible standing straight up with arms relaxed to your side. When measuring, the tape should lay flat across your skin but shouldn’t get and feel pulled or pinched.

How to take Measurements – Height – This part is quite straightforward. Height, this must be remembered, refers to your height barefoot. Get yourself measured against a wall without shoes on.

Weight – Grab a weighing scale, no rocket science, step on it and you have the scales saying truth about you, can’t bribe the machines.

How would Females get their Measurements?

Bust: The measurement is fairly simple here. Measure from the fullest part of your bust, that’ll give you the fairly accurate size of your chest.

Waist: most people get this place wrong sometimes. They think with the length of their jeans or where their trousers fit and sit. For female measurements, you would want to measure around the smallest part of your waist. Which also means, taking the measurements around the belly button or an inch or two about it. To make it easier, look in the mirror and see where your stomach goes in or curves in the most and measure from there.

Hips: it is not the hip bone but around the largest part of your hips and bottoms where measurements seem fit and right to settle.

Inseam: starting just below the crotch right up to the ankle is the best way to measure this part.

Male Measurements

Neck: This is quite informative – starting about an inch above from where your neck connects with the shoulders, around the Adam’s apple. Instead of taking tight to skin measurement, place the index finger inside the tape, loosening the tape slightly, and then get the measurements of the neck.

Waist and Hips: Goes the same like that of the women’s measurements.

Chest: The measurement goes just under the armpits across and around the fullest part of your chest.

Sleeve: Starting from the middle of the lower part of the neck between the shoulders, hands places on the hip, run the tape over the shoulder, over the elbow all the way to the wrist.

Inseam: In briefs, measurements are taken from just below the crotch to the ankle.

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