Thursday, 26 September 2013

What Fashion combination Rises with Bright Blue Biker Leather Jacket for Women

If you're thinking leather and blue - go for bright blue biker’s leather jacket for women from UK Leather Factory which hugs you all over and now the best designer clothing combination for leather is the next question.
1st Combination – Sombre and Fresh Look – colour tone which depict life, ecstasy and eclectic moods like attending to a horse world-cup in a royale fashion – the best artsy way to blend the bright blue is to go for a wide range of colours populating your wardrobe.
A colour palette for Blue Leather Jacket for Women – pink establishes itself quite well over blue. The combination offers multiple shades around your personality. The pink navy crepe shirt with button fronts adds to the glitzy sobriety to the outwear, without compromising on your personality values. The blue and pink combination will create a lively yet sober outlook for you. Suitable for the outdoors while shopping and for the semi-formal business meetings over a coffee.

2nd Combination Killer Combination – the iconic fashion style in designer clothing comes with experimenting. The secret code to stylish raving fashion is bright colours. Blue is such a natural colour element that blends well with darker yet lively palettes. The second combination is much better and out favourite at UK Leather Factory.
Mix dark purple trousers, like shown here, with pink shirt shown above and see yourself getting noticed as a fashion star. Now wait for the 3rd combination which will feature our favourite soap-serial star. The name’s still a suspense. Or you can try mixing the pink and blue combination with a lighter purple of lavender print and colour will be a magical combination.
As you read this blog, you’re already a league ahead of your peers to adorn the killer designer clothing print with the biker blue leather jacket for women. The colour blend for you will be a spiritual reconnect with life and happiness. But wait a minute – are you going barefooted for that envy-creating walk or the evening’s out.
3rd Combination – Don’t Forget the Happy Pumps - Now comes the footwear that you will thank me for. For that million dollar business deal, the above combination will just overthrow your client open jawed with these orange pumps (shown besides). Imagine yourself walking across the boardroom and all eyes fixed on your selective and rare couture.
The spirits will be thanking you and so will your boss for looking more gracious than Julia Roberts.
Once you’re done picking up the energy of the boardroom, you head down to the nearest museums or just take an evening out at a shopping mall and get an instant buzz about you. Try on these pumps instead and feel the rush and observe the ladies making you a topic around.
Easy tips to be an evening’s star.
Now our star pick for this blog is Sarah Jessica Parker with her killer colour combination which made us jump on our heels and sent us in hallucination.
To know more about pure leather and combination do check out UK Leather Factory website for some rare leather jacket collection for women and men.
I’m sure, you’ll fall off for a while. For a sneak peek, check out the Facebook Fan page of UK Leather Factory to win more deals happening occasionally.

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