Wednesday, 25 September 2013

What to Wear with Fur Collar Leather Jacket for Women

As Christmas draws in close, it is time to change the wardrobe with a stylish addition with elegance, flair and confident persona every lady wants to be seen and known for.
What works well with Fur Leather Coat Jacket for Women
The fur leather coat jacket is made out of pure excellence and genuine cowhide leather to give you the eternal softer feeling while you go around London, Paris, Vienna. The fur leather coat is designed to show your brand and fashion collection – perfection and esteem working together to blend softness yet a powerful impression.
Light Pink Skirts - The fur leather jacket from UK Leather Factory is made in limited edition numbers with handpicked leather for extra beauty and sophistication. To work well, the fur leather jacket must be mixed with pink long-flowing satin knee-long skirt and white cotton shirt which loosely grips the jacket from within – displaying a sheer posture of a confident bright lady.
Pleated Black Trousers - Or, you can also mix well with cotton-twill trousers, with pleats, in bolder colours or checked-twills trousers too will weave a unique blend of smart but casual outfit.
Pumps and Clutch Bag - A glossy pair of pumps (pink and black) and crocodile printed leather clutch bag will complete the selection. The elite class look will adorn your personality – the evening outfit will be a glowing elegance for everyone to notice. Enter a hall of executive and you shall be treated as a royal.
Ambassador’s Style - The ambassador’s style pick can be made better – with a set of off-white uniform which will include blue cotton shirt in darker tone, aptly defined well by a pair of dirty-green khakis or floral printed skirt mixed with brighter colour shirts in turquoise and emerald tones.
Women of Elite Class – ladies who are planning a foreign visit and have a business trip on the cards, will find the fur leather jacket for women a special treatment awaiting them. Get your best limousines and best prepared cuisines to serve your business meetings well – show the ulterior and sleeker intellect part of your personality with well prepared presentations to win that million dollar deal.

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