Thursday, 26 December 2013

Frozen Movie and Cinema Fashion Apparel – Hot or Not

Frozen is an epic animation adventure set in the background of a fairy tale.

At first, I keep away from Christmas animated classics as the ending is always traditional– Happy Go Merry and Happily Ever After.

So better to keep to something like serials and likes of Prison Break but Frozen is epic and  giddy in the start while the characters look for ways to unlock the mystery of the spell casted on a kingdom to stay in ice-age covered in ice. Speaking of white ice always reminisces of Christmas stories ending with Santa Claus – but this is not the reason Frozen got to break records.

Family bonding and a family under a spell is the theme of the story. A sister runs away from the society for having extraordinary skill of turning everything into ice and hence gets casted away. Her sister upon reaching the age, sets off to look for her sister who lives abandoned in her empire which is turned to ice.

Now to turn back and return back with the sister and bring summer to the place again with a touch of spring, the cast has to go away while the family has to work out the bonding again. Curses, promises, motivation and some fabulous mix of music composition of what is Frozen. A theme play which keeps the viewer glued for some holy good reason and leaving without criticism is a good earning for Frozen which is set in just icy background. With a little peck of action the movie is just right to spend an evening together for a one-time family movie.

This week’s cinema going attire is this – Brentwood black leather biker jacket for men. A cheap and affordable genuine leather jacket from the UK is just another wardrobe collection to look sophisticated and fashion savvy.

Mix with denims and trousers and neat looking boots – for that international look and feel. Get global, get to the movies.

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