Thursday, 19 December 2013

Dress Up like Leonardo Di Caprio this Christmas – Wolf of the Wall-Street and 47-Ronin – Review

Celebration, merriness and lots of money with trickster or just smart-plain street-smartness – Wolf of the Wall Street is reading the tickers and between the lines of the tickers and picking up on the sentiments of the filthy rich to get them and their agents more rich. Making space when its already taken up and jam-packed.

When you earn, nobody notices but when it is blowing the roof – somebody will have to blow the whistle.

Putting the trailer together – getting a team assembled with a kick-ass strategy to just make money from thin air is not only an art but keeping in trend and in style to keep the affluent thinking and on the toes.

The story is about an already well-off stock market broker who want to blow the roof and make it in the news for all the good and bad and just any reason. The Wolf (Leonardo) seems to pick up some nice gentle brains to do the crazy business of earning white money which seems blacker.

Releasing on December 25 along with 47 Ronin which seems promising as well but again inclines toward fiction-action based script which needs ultra-powerful theme, plot and direction which should be impeccable with majestic and remarkable array of graphic interwoven with Keanu Reeves delivery.

A story based on vengeance, past’s pain and murder – a team which is set against a behemoth of an unseen monolithic force of the evil – a traditional run-of-the-mill but with new graphics, scenery and action flicks will make it an edge of the seat movie to watch.

PREDICTION - As per me – I rate the Wolf better for those who are willing to set things right in 2014 including their bank balances. A must-see. 4.3 / 5 rating from my side.

47-Ronin is a different league for the action-thirsty audience who have to be prepped up for the 300 releasing March 2014.

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Bring it a little brown to add with vanilla or camel coloured trousers and light-brown shaded loafers. That’ll make you look Leonardo for sure. Navy belts will just kill the audience.

Looking to kill with looks this December, men..?

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