Monday, 30 December 2013

Crispy Intelligent Fashion and Movie Review – Don Jon and Winter Wear

Don Jon is definitely going to be a treat for the newly wed and young couples who are struggling to find new ways to woo and convince their partners of the long-lasting bond, if it is so.

Don Jon is simply the classic choices we carry and follow with us and around us every day.

Boys will be boys. They have their routines, habits and bad habits. So do girls, but that is the 180 degree world.

Where do we connect then? At the bars, meet-ups, conferences, parks. So Don Jon is about a guy who can hitch, pitch and ditch almost every chick he lays his eyes on. But then, he gets stuck with this intelligent and apt raw beauty queen, Scarlett Johansson, who is witty yet emotionally connected with the fiction world of cinema. While Don Jon, the great Don is epically and insidiously addicted to ‘Porn’, which is a definite turn off for the girls.

Now Scarlett finds out this addiction and then the story elevates – what goes next will be revealed on 31st, December – but it should be a great start to Joseph Gordon Levitt, who is himself the Don Jon and the director and writer. Premiering as a director and protagonist needs quite the guts. He but carries that flair of Al Pacino’s facial expressions and the aura of Heath Ledger. Who knows, we have a legacy being weaved together here. 2014 shall be a great start to Joseph, I hope.

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