Thursday, 19 December 2013

What to Wear to Watch The Hunger Games – Catching Fire

As Hollywood gains more critical themes to launch from fictional dimension – Hunger Games is just the nemesis of the un-ordinary truth based movies we see around.

Based on a powerfully gripping novel – Hunger Games is reminiscing of the Victorian practise of testing humans against humans with their skills to survive and kill.

A street borne intelligent girl is chosen or volunteers to save a life of another for a gruelling round of game where elimination means certain instant death.

Hunger Games deliver performance, story, the pinnacle of direction and the powerful characters symbolised very neatly by Jennifer Lawrence (who has just wowed many a males with her looks and hair locks) and Robert Sunderland (President Snow) – an edge of the seat movie which doesn’t veneer to let boredom creep in.
Remarkable cast and the story gets the twist – the winner, Jennifer, tours all the districts after winning the last title, as a national practise and President Snow wants the rebellion which has resultantly started with her
victory, to be subdued with Jennifer’s explicit allegiance to the President which on the contrary could risk her family’s life.

My Style for the Cinema - The storyline is perfectly engineered like that of Peter Jackson’s LOTR franchise – a must see movie on how people have to compromise achievements for the love of their own.

As Christmas draws in near, I’ll pick ladies black leather jacket on SALE from Revel Leather – to look as authentic as Jennifer Lawrence. The genuine rich black leather jacket for women is on SALE at a neat $185 – which is not an expensive bargain for the million dollar attention.

Mesh plus fitted jeans in rich blue and a rich looking strappy Faux Woollen high-heeled boots – which gives the same Hunger Games feel the moment you walk in. Though high-heels might not fit in the cinema – but a penthouse party will definitely register you as a luxe collector of fashion and taste.

Enjoying the celebrity feel already? Stay tuned for more movie reviews – Leonardo DiCaprio’s Wolf of the Wall Street is just around the corner. Switch the styles for December 24th.

Feeling opulent already?

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