Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Fast and the Furious – Franchise Never Ended, Faces Do

What indeed will spin around for F&F’s future?

Speculations are abound about the future of Fast and the Furious franchise which might or might not end  the road for it with the passage of Paul Walker, the co-lead as the mantelpiece is shared with Vin Diesel (Dominic Torreto) and Dwayne Johnson.

Empires don’t die, people just fade away. So won’t Fast and the Furious – to keep the spirit alive, the spirit of Paul Walker himself.
The 7th title will be released and it could feature or will feature Jason Statham – yes the very muscular and action-loving hero and a famous driver.

Racing around, strategies, masterplans, money-heist or getting the girl released are just becoming run-of-the-mill stories. Weaving out something novel and eclectic keeps the money till ticking and clanking. Keep the change.

So what’s next in the Fast and Furious Franchise?

Hip-hop, action packed manoeuvres, more car boost, prison breaks, lots of money, Latin American slums and secret hideouts and slicker suiting and boot of the villains for men to drool. Reminds me of Bane’s designer leather jacket for men – a class people noticed and made a crazy wardrobe.

So predicting Fast and Furious – this time it could be airborne tactic with military touch. Involving the terrorists is always a nice spicy suspense to add in more flavour.

Only this time – it could be protecting the family and going solo in search of justice or vengeance or ransom money. All we can do is join the dots, which again is quite early to say.

Paul Walker will be remembered from the league of champion drivers who set a generation of driving and motorcar sports industry. UK Leather Factory is commemorating his passage with fast and furious leather jacket on special sale offer.

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