Monday, 2 December 2013

Winter Men’s Shopping List – Dwayne Johnson Leather Jacket

Winter Classic Collection – so men, boding 2013 farewell and you need the classic touch for the wardrobe. How about stepping out in stylish cohort draped in fine apparel, making a fine impact as you carry along the aura?
Winter’s classic or winner’s very own classic – catch up with a tennis tournament and this outfit combination will stand out very finely. Fine and carrying a solid impact – Hollywood celebrity Dwayne Johnson distressed leather jacket for men is an elegant show in the house. Rock the party like the The ROCK..!!
Made from genuine leather, the gentleman’s posture is finely etched in the unique smooth-flowing design of the Hollywood celebrity tribute distressed leather jacket.
Killer Combination, Mixing Style with Brains – what works well with a dark brown distressed leather jacket is pleated off-white formal trousers which work best with the dark brown. Both consolidate each of these – dark brown lifting up the off-white quite well while the off-white complements the dark brown.
Feels aristocratic? – Not leaving out the shoes – the pointed black casual shoes with a slim look are just the killer effect every man would want to wear to the club classic event.
So Why Dwayne Johnson – well the towering figure with an unforgettable contagious smile – starring in equally impactful Hollywood flicks makes him the best figure to follow while he dresses up.
So dress like a star to leave a trail of envy behind you. Feeling pampered boys..?
Conclude your dressing with a stone grey-wash muffler with a pair of some impeccable large black shades. Pick up Police, that’ll put you in a commanding position. So where are you wearing your dress code today – aboard the executive dinner or are you attending a county golf tournament..?
Trader’s Look – carry the enormous weight of aristocratic style around and trade your way to higher profits.
So what are you trading today – looks or your impression..?

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