Saturday, 21 December 2013

Prediction on MOVIE ‘HER’ and Style Tips for Cinema Fashion

‘HER’ is eccentricity about someone’s mind who is already coming from a profession that is surreal – that which involves creativity. Sometimes, we as people get into this silly things of daily life which we could bizarre for ourselves if we get exposed.
Addiction to the Game-box and X-Box and Play Station – yet we contort the fact and blame it ‘negatively’ as ‘addiction’. HER is beautifully delivered by Joacquin Phoenix who himself has a sublime character appeal.
He falls in love with his super-computer manager or guardian, which is an operating system, which is artificially intelligent but keen to learn from experiences of humans including emotions – the very learning and teaching experiences and personal exchange of thoughts binds both together and Joacquin falls in love with something virtual, which is not present.
An everyday incident and dilemma – we love our IPhones, the sms, the emails yet we haven’t scraped that emotion. HER delivers on the same frequency. Though I would remotely connect it with ‘You’ve Got Mail’ when internet was dawning – the duo of Tom Hanks and the lady was a natural love and internet was just a passage. Artificial Intelligence of Steven Spielberg seemed too far-fetched but not anymore. Serendipity was another good Christmas movie featuring John Cusack where love is anonymous but real. The very theme of emotions finding and connecting emotions is the underlying essence of the movie here in – HER.
Sounds crazy for sure. Man falling in love with a ‘computer’..? Not gay, not Lesbian, not homosexual, is it Bit-exual..?
So if you’re lining up to get cosier for love and get a dose of supreme feeling – get this bikerleather jacket for women from REVEL Leather of UK, for that very peppered up lady waiting to party on Christmas. After movie you’re partying right..?
And by the way, that super computer in ‘HER’ is vocalised by none other the ravishing, all-white and ever-brimming Scarlett Johansson. Keep your fingers crossed, you are sure going to fall in love that day. This prediction will work ‘serendipitously’.

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