Friday, 27 December 2013

Disneyfication of Saving Mr. Banks – Untold True Story of Making Fame

True stories have a magic of attraction with the honesty, and Saving Mr. Banks has all the necessary ingredients for the corporate bosses to show humility in business deals is what Saving Mr. Banks is.

2 parties are emotionally connected – Mr. Walt Disney has a promise to his daughter to make a film of her favourite novel, Mary Poppins and the authoress of the same novel, the unnerved Emma Thompson, is not so approving of the theme that surrounds the making of the film.

As the movie progresses – Walt tries and tries even more to convince the incorrigible Travers (Emma) to allow him the right which she so continually disapproves. Emma is stubborn and adamant due to a reason Walt finally discovers to make Travers relent to his idea and make her walk down the memory lane on his lines with a movie finally made.

Putting together 2 distant and nearly opposite characters – blending an artsy flick like Saving Mr. Banks is indeed reflective of how corporate leaders should conduct themselves to clinch deals – be huggable, playful and always experiment with the unrelenting stride of never giving up – a characteristic which has made Disney really Disney.

A great movie to watch – how Emma is taken through her past and her connection with her mother and father is revisited to make her emotionally connected makes the movie special and a learning experience.

Cinema Attire of the Week – Sweet Reunion with the Retro Sentiments

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Wear decency and enjoy the sentimentality of Saving Mr. Banks.

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