Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Get 6-Pack Abs for New Year - Lionel Messi (Tribute) Outfit – Get Sporty

Get the sports outfit for this winter with lots of red punching boots and bags in your room to start getting ready for the new year resolve.
Tribute Lionel Messi leather jacket is just the perfect gear to take a run and walk around the silent neighbourhood while you practise those moves to get the cuts above your waist – the six-pack absoulate.
Pure genuine leather jacket only loves good physique. Not the trash cans, made full with junk foods and lots of TV viewing at late hours. NO, Never..!!
How to Get 6 Pack Abs
Tip # 1 - train, train and strain your muscles to the extreme.
Tip # 2- Love the pain, fall in love with the excruciating pain where your muscles define the body tone all on its in just 31 days. YES, 31 days is just the time you need for those packs to show up.
Otherwise, the leather jacket will look saggy and retarded.
Tip # 3 – Push up in 50’s, start with the 20’s first – your body wants it to be killed and pressed and dressed neatly. The powerful thing in your body is always the resolve first. Nothing can push you forward than you yourself alone.
Tip # 4 – Crunches in 70’s. Yes, crunch baby crunch. As many you want. Keep the crunches coming in and hit you hard on the Abs. Then run baby run.
Tip # 5 – PLANKING – that will crush your soul to shattering pieces. But when you recollect yourself, you’re good to go and feel the difference in just under 7 days.
Tip # 6 – Keep pushing yourself to train for the next 30 days. Keep adding more number to the to the tips everyday as you pass each day.
Tip # 7 – contribute, congratulate and salute yourself every day.
Once you’re done – make a transition from FAUX leather to genuine leather jacket – now it’ll do good to you and do lots of fame in the town.
Post pictures if you’re looking for celebrity shot on social media.
The poster is on UK Leather Factory – featuring Arthur Ashe Tribute Leather Jacket in blazing orange.
Get going boys – December’s running out. Santa won’t wait. Keep the Abs rolling in..!!

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